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Eating at Lech da Sompunt

For our hotel guests

Here in the Lech da Sompunt, hotel and restaurant in Alta Badia, hospitality is the most important thing and our concern is that you will not only feel as a hotel guest, but like a guest of the Castlunger family. What better way than cooking is, therefore, to convey a familial atmosphere?

In the morning, the unmistakable scent of hot coffee will flow through the corridor to your room in order to guide you softly to our breakfast buffet.
The buffet is going to wake you up, using the cordial perfume of fresh baked bread from La Villas stoves and homemade cookies. The yoghurt from Vipiteno, sweet jams, fresh fruit and local cold cuts will certainly not miss.

Then, the dinner; with generous and palatable dishes from the Ladin tradition and not only with natural ingredients, but also served by a kitchen, which has been under the capable leadership of Lady Ida for years. She was able to pass on her wisdom to future generations of chefs.
Dishes, which will for sure give you the right amount of energy needed after a day on the breathtaking Dolomites. Every eve you will be spoiled with a richly filled buffet consisting of salads and appetisers. It follows a four-course-menu, which will never disappoint you!
And in order not to bore you we established a delicious dessert buffet, that will wait for you every Tuesday. We also want to coddle you with our traditional “Cëna Ladina” every Thursday. To end the week in joy and with great memories we will host an aperitif every Sunday. 

Lech da Sompunt à la carte restaurant - Ladin authenticity

As soon as cooking is more passion then work, it becomes an urge to open the doors of our specialities also to those, who do not stay in our hotel.Therefore, we open the door of our in-house cuisine with the À la Carte restaurant.

We would be very grateful to welcome you in our new restaurant to show you our dichotomy between tradition and modernity. You will recognise modernity in the forms of the newly built restaurant and the tradition is mirrored in the flavours that reflects the 50-year-old experience. A menu that rebounds the character of the simple and authentic Ladin cuisine therefore represents our philosophy; here you can see the true taste of the Dolomite-dishes and to encapsulate everything, we also use our experience to design contemporary dishes.

And if you’ve searched the restaurants of Alta Badia for a place to sample an entirely Ladin menu from appetiser to dessert, then come visit us on Thursday: Ladin dinner is served!