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Alta Badia ski holidays: The convenience of a hotel on the ski slopes

What more could you ask in our hotel, than the luxury of being right on a ski slope in direct contact with all the attractions that our lovely valley has to offer for those who want an exiting Alta Badia ski holiday in the Dolomites? Slopes that run for 130 km, 54 ski lifts that perfectly connect the entire valley, the opportunity to do downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing, and take wonderful walks in the snow if you love Nordic walking; all in a series of picturesque shelters amidst breath-taking scenery.

If you want to while at Lech da Sompunt, you can leave your car parked for your whole stay and leave the hotel with skis on your feet, directly onto the Sponata ski slope. With the lifts, you can get to the always sunny Santa Croce slopes, or climb the Gardenaccia, connected with the skiing paradise at Piz la Ila.

Do remember, though, that the Hotel Lech da Sompunt is also on a wonderful small lake that ices over in winter. You can also rent ice skates free of charge and experience the thrill of ice-skating on a frozen lake by the light of the moon.

Your unforgettable ski holidays in Italy are waiting for you!