a breakfast table covered with snacks and wine in the garden of Lech da Sompunt Roasted ribs of lamb served in the restaurant of Lech da Sompunt, accompanied by a glass of wine a Schlutskrapfen plate accompanied by a glass of red wine in Lech da Sompunt a cutting board with various meat slices and spread-cream

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Your Alta Badia restaurant at Lech da Sompunt

Great taste, according to tradition for our hotel guests

Here at the Hotel Lech da Sompunt, your Alta Badia restaurant and hotel, our watchwords are welcome and hospitality, and our goal is to make you feel not like customers but like guests of the Castlunger family. What better way is there than through cooking to make people feel at home?

Here, then, we offer you rich and delicious meals from the Ladin tradition and beyond, genuine ingredients prepared with care and authenticity in a kitchen that has been directed by the expert hands of Mrs Ida, who knows how to convey all her knowledge to various generations of cooks. And to further please your palate, we created a delicious dessert buffet offered on Tuesdays, then the surprise of Thursday’s famous Ladin dinner and a pleasant aperitif buffet on Sundays.

In addition to these specialities, every day at our restaurant you will find an abundant buffet of salads and appetisers, followed by a tasty four course menu that will never disappoint you!

Lech da Sompunt à la carte restaurant - Ladin authenticity

When cooking is your passion, it becomes almost an obligation to open the doors to your kitchen with an à la carte restaurant in Alta Badia so you can offer your specialities to those who aren’t staying at the hotel.

Open for both lunch and dinner, the restaurant will welcome you and make you feel at home in a simple ambiance and a cordial atmosphere: it will be like a trip to the past in a place with 50 years of history. Our restaurant offers a menu that reflects the genuine, authentic character of Ladin cuisine that has been handed down through generations of cooks, which recognises the true flavour of the specialities of the Dolomites.

The wealth of dishes that we offer on our à la carte menu may surprise you. The truth is, we can’t and won’t give up the great classics of the Ladin tradition like home-made schlutzri, späzli with porcini mushrooms, canederli, barley soup and goulash, but along with these favourites we add new items that our chef chooses from season to season. This is why we have such a large menu...and don’t forget the fresh-caught lake trout and our unforgettable meat dishes like saddle of venison.

And if you’ve searched the restaurants of Alta Badia for a place to sample an entirely Ladin menu from appetiser to dessert, then come visit us on Thursday: Ladin dinner is served!